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Relish In the Tread E-book

Relish In the Tread E-book

Steve Hunter's debut novel, 'Relish In The Tread'


Freddi had arrived at a crossroad in his life on the road. He'd spent years exploring, but travel itself felt empty. He'd stagnated. Cathedrals and temples and waterfalls couldn't be enough in a pursuit towards knowledge. His friend had called him a pilgrim once in India, and at the same time mentioned to him the Camino de Santiago in Spain. She explained to him that everything he sought could be found on that pilgrimage.


Freddi walked the 900km across Spain and met people from around the world. While magical, he felt there was more to this pilgrim life than following hundreds of others. Just as he'd felt about travel, this walkabout didn't feel like his own.


In July, one year later, he arrived in Rome, ready to relish his own trail to Istanbul. He had his tent, a few bucks in his pocket, and a bond with the road itself. He also had 2000 kilometers ahead of him and a fake pair of crocs.

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